Why Should You Plan An In-Home Lifestyle Session Today?

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No one bats an eye at the idea of engagement shoots or wedding photography. Even staged, matchy-matchy family photos at the beach or in a glowing, golden field have become commonplace. But the idea of an in-home, documentary-style lifestyle session can make the average bear do a little squirm.

Really? A photoshoot in my own home? For no reason at all?

Yes! I believe with every tiny piece of my heart that these in-home photo sessions are unlike anything else, capturing the way your family indeed interacts in the coziest, original location imaginable. The difference I’ve seen when shooting clients inside their homes rather than out in the world is unreal. When we step out the front door, our guard goes up, and our societal conventions take over. But once our hands touch that familiar doorknob and we kick off our shoes, our shoulders release and we become our most authentic selves once again.

If you’re unsure whether an in-home session is for you, here are my six top reasons to book a session today:

1. The convenience

You really can’t beat the convenience of staging a photo shoot in your own home. Without the hassle of finding a location or – the worst trial of all – dealing with traffic, you can head into your session feeling peaceful and at ease. And if you decide halfway through the shoot that you hate the shirt you chose, or your hair needs a little re-curl? No problem at all! We can take a 5-minute break for you to make any adjustments.

2. The perfect setting

A lot of families shy away from in-home sessions because they feel their ordinary home isn’t the well-designed interiors of Homepolish or Dwell magazine. Let me assure you that the best lifestyle sessions aren’t about how perfect your home looks. They are about how much each corner of it feel like their owners and how comfortable those in front of the camera are in them. Trust me: if your home is a place of love, it is already picture-perfect.

3. The authentic personalities

Your home is the place where you feel most free to be yourself. There’s no need to hide the crazy socks with foxes wearing sunglasses on them in your own living room, and you can truly dance like no one is watching when no one actually is! Posed images may be beautiful, but documentary-style candids ring true. These are the images you turn to when you want to remember not just how you looked, but how you felt.

4. The genuine connection

Where do you relate more naturally with your family than in your own home? Whether you are a newlywed couple or a family with five rambunctious children, I can capture your most unguarded expressions of love and joy in a lifestyle session. You can break out the board games or just snuggle up together in your favorite chair with a book while I turn those natural moments into fine art.

5. The truly unique images

If you spend enough time scrolling through photography Instagram accounts, you may notice trends starting to appear. The same red-dress-in-a-field maternity sessions. The same breezy veil bridal shots. But with in-home, documentary sessions, no two sessions ever look alike, because no two families or couples interact in the same ways. These sessions create art that is truly unique and unrepeatable.

6. The magic in the mundane

I hear it all the time: “We aren’t exciting enough at home for an in-home session.” Au contraire! Lifestyle sessions aren’t about being wild-and-crazy. They are about being nothing more or less than exactly who you are in front of a camera. There is so much sweetness you don’t see as you go through your day-to-day in your home. The look of adoration your loved one gives the moment your back is turned. The little ducklings always just a step behind you. The way your family glows with love when you’re in the same room together. This is the magic of life displayed in moments large and small.

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Booking an in-home lifestyle session is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. I’m convinced that the galleries created through these sessions – though they seem mundane or ordinary – are the ones gain value with every passing day.

So set your apprehensions aside and give one a try!