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My mission is to cut through the surface and dive deep, capturing authentic moments of human connection and preserving the little, peaceful and heartwarming moments that we rarely think to capture on camera. I’m a preservationist of the ordinary, and I delight in elevating the mundane.



www.robbiegene.com - Robbie Gene Photography - Photo by Andriya Rances.JPG
www.robbiegene.com - Photo by Andriya Rances.JPG

Photo by Andriya Rances


About Me


Mid-century modern architecture loving. Scandifornian “Hygge (Hue-Guh)” enthusiast. Movie crier.

I have always been a stop and literally smell the roses kind of girl and have always been drawn to the golden, hushed, breathing in moments between flashes of excitement. The moments when shoulders loosen and hearts are worn on sleeves. When everything seems the most at ease. The most effervescent. The most real.

While growing up in the bustling city of Cebu in the Philippines, I dreamed of a creative career, and my folks hoped I’d find success in the medical field. When I became a nurse, I came face to face with the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it nature of humanity. I will be forever grateful for the chance my work gave me to make a difference in the lives of the frail and passing, but the desire to capture those fleeting, quiet moments that mean the most when a loved one is gone tugged more and more on my heart by the day. As a hobbyist photographer for most of my life, I knew the time had come for me to create and capture the narrative of the lives of people like YOU because YOU have a story to tell.

Today, I adventure through the vibrant streets of San Francisco – where I moved in 2015 from Norway to finally end the five long years of distance with Chris, who is now my husband – still stopping every now and then to smell the roses.

I am eternally inspired by the life and works of Henri Cartier-Bresson, Sally Mann, Georgia O’Keefe, and Annie Leibowitz. When I’m not snapping photos or editing my latest gallery you just might find me engrossed in the most recent true crime story, planning my next adventure with Chris, and snuggling up for a rewatch of A Star Is Born (possibly crying all over again!).

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The photographs that I create are not limited to what’s inside the four walls of the frame. Photographing what’s most important to you is vital. It can be one of the reasons why you take pictures of your partner, your kids, and the people that are close to your heart. When you pull out a camera or your iPhone to celebrate the small and the big wins in life (whatever or however it may be), it makes you light up, hug tighter, smile bigger, and jump higher.

I do not only devote my time and energy to deliver quality images; I strive to offer you something that’s much more precious. 

A feeling.
A memoir in photos.
Something to grow with.
Something to stand for.
A source of wisdom and strength.
A thought that will resonate fully with you and your loved ones.
A legacy.

If this resonates with you, I would love to get to know more about you and preserve a little piece of your family history.



Things that Matter

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www.robbiegene.com - Robbie Gene Photography - San Francisco Photographer - Photo by Andriya Rances.jpg
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www.robbiegene.com - Robbie Gene PhotographyRobbie Gene Photography - San Francisco Engagement Photographer - San Francisco - Bay Area - California - 201959.jpg
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Q & A


What is your photography style?



My approach to photography blends elements of fine art and documentary styles to produce a beautiful, organic hybrid that is both elegant and raw. You won’t find any stale, awkwardly posed images in my portfolio – I go for the real deal. It is always my goal to capture real emotions and document the unique, honest connections that exist between couples and families.


What is a lifestyle session like?


That depends on you! I strive to create a comfortable, natural environment for clients allowing their real personalities and dynamics to shine. These sessions are always laid-back, pressure-free and filled with joy, and I work to strike a balance between dynamic movement and tender moments to create a final gallery that captures every aspect of who you are.


Are sessions indoors or outdoors?


You get to choose! I am a natural light, on-location photographer, but all locations are selected in collaboration with you to bring your unique vision to life. We can photograph in the comfort of your own cozy home, at a favorite park or your favorite coffee shop. It's up to you! And if you’re not quite sure where you’d like to stage your session, don’t worry. I have a bunch of local recommendations!


Do you travel?


I love to travel, and I’m always half packed for my next adventure!


So I’ve decided to book a session, what happens now?


I like to keep things simple. Just fill out this form, and I’ll get back to you ASAP with a quote and my availability.

If I haven’t answered your question, please feel free to shoot me an email at hello@robbiegene.com, and I’ll have an answer for you as soon as I possibly can!


I’m excited to hear from you soon!
Take care!